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Nights Magazine believes that being responsible about environmental impact is not just an aspect of good business but is also one of our core values and defines who we are as an entity.

Premises and Energy use.

Nights Magazine believe one of the best ways to reduce our environmental impact was to omit the need for premises and therefore the additional energy that may use. Our entire team works freelance, with the business run from the home of our editor and director.

As a start-up business this is entirely practical should there come a time when an office is essential, all efforts will be made to ensure any future offices are as green as possible and use renewable energy sources.

Sustainable Practices

Our sustainable business practices are constantly under consideration as we strive to reduce our impact on the environment.

Nights Magazine does not use plastic packaging. Initially we did use postage bags, however this has been reassessed and orders are now posted out either using envelopes made from recycled material or cardboard boxes also made from recycled material. We use royal mail to fill all orders.

In Autumn 2020 we moved from free printed copies in Norwich to print on demand. Our magazines can be ordered via our online shops and print runs are done on smaller demand to reduce printing unnecessary copies therefore reducing our environmental impact. Our magazines are available in PDF format via subscriptions.

We seek to be as environmentally conscious as possible with 90% of paperwork being handled digitally.

The Company also owns no cars/vans and uses public transport and travel by foot. Freelances may use their personal transport methods and the company accepts no responsibility for this.

We will continue to monitor and adapt our sustainable practices in line with our deep commitment to the environment.

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